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Changing the culture
of driver distraction.

LifeSaver Mobile changes your company's culture of driver distraction by automatically detecting and blocking cell phone use without additional hardware.

A software solution for companies to prevent employee phone use when driving.

LifeSaver For Fleets

LifeSaver adds great value to fleets who are keen to reduce risk and eradicate driver distraction through cell phone use. The proposition has many key benefits and advantages due to the flexible and intuitive fleet manager portal. Fleets enjoy the ease of implementation with no hardware to install.

Key Fleet Advantages

Phone call reporting and blocking

Low effort to manage drivers and portal

Starts automatically when vehicle moves

Fast locking and unlocking

Speeding alerts

Deploys instantly from the Cloud

Hours of driver operation

Flexible portal management to suit requirements

LifeSaver Keeps Your Drivers Productive

Subject to your corporate policy, LifeSaver allows for hands-free calls and the use of navigation apps. Drivers quickly adjust their driving behaviour to remain outside the phone’s lock screen and again, subject to corporate policy, to use voice commands when necessary. Any attempt to circumvent this rule triggers a violation on the Fleet Managers Portal.

LifeSaver Speeding Alerts

By enabling this feature, your drivers will hear a real-time audible warning from their phone for any posted speed limit violations and/or maximum speed violations. The triggers and tolerance levels for each type of violation can be configured in the portal by the fleet/safety manager.

For Insurance Partners

Finally, a smartphone solution for driver distraction that your policyholders will use.

Cell phone distraction caused by drivers using their phones, initiates a significant number of fatality crashes and low speed fender benders and dramatically increases insurance claims

Your personal and commercial auto loss ratios are suffering from the steady increase in frequency and severity of claims from driver distraction through cell phone use

LifeSaver for Insurers is a brandable, measurable, turnkey solution that insurers are using to effectively discourage their policyholders from distracted driving

Insurer Benefits

Improve loss ratios by decreasing auto claims from distracted driving (over 25% of crashes)

Use “peace of mind” as a more effective incentive to drive policyholder adoption

Build an emotional bond with policyholders through frequent branding opportunities

Why Choose LifeSaver?

Our app is simple for your policyholders to use, locks automatically, and requires no hardware

Our in-app dashboard and branded notifications provide peace of mind features beyond the reduction of distracted driving

Our B2B platform is white-label ready. And allows for compliance tracking

Our aggregate driver analytics provides valuable insight into driving behaviour without the privacy concerns associated with UBI/telematics solutions

See how simple it is to use

Distracted Driving features:

Our smartphone apps automatically lock at driving speed, conserves battery life and require no additional hardware

Our Driver Portal and mobile dashboard make it simple for policyholders to use without any broker assistance

Enterprise features:

Displays miles driven, drive locations & times etc. By deploying our smartphone app to your policy holders, it shows lots of important usage info. No more hardware hassles

Partner Branding - branding opportunities create an emotional bond with your policyholders